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Recruitment - Software Developer, Data scientists, Global marketer (ENG)

Update: 2020.02.10

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Recruitment details

Recruiting field Task Requirements People

Software Developer

- Big Data Analysis S / W Development (Service, Platform)
- AI service S / W development (Service, AI Model, AI Platform)
- Data engineering platform development
- Data Analysis (M / L) Platform Development
- Visualization S / W Developmen
- Have at least one proficient programming language
- Resistant and challenging to a new development environment or language
- Have a deep understanding of operating systems, networks, compilers, and databases
- Go / C / C ++ / Python programming expert
- GPU programming expert
- Those who have a lot of experience in the development / operation of large capacity / real-time

Full-time job: 5

intern: 3

Data scientists
- Machine learning / deep learning based data analysis
- Big data model design and development
- Uncover Big Data Analytics Insights
- Big Data Consulting Service
- Standardize big data analysis methodology
- People who enjoy the process of discovering hidden values in big data
- Skilled in handling one or more languages for machine learning / data science (R / Python / Scala) and tools (scikit-learn / Spark MLlib / Tensorflow / Pytorch, etc.)

Full-time job: 5

intern: 3

Global marketer
- Customer analysis and discovery
- Global market research (various industries)
- Establish marketing strategy
- Product / Service Marketing Planning and Execution
- Finding Global Cooperation Partner
- Those who have marketing experience in AI / Smart Device / App Ser- vice
- English proficiency
- Experience in digital marketing
- Excellent presentation ability

Full-time job: 2

intern: 1

Working condition

Full-time job: decided after the interview (industry's highest level guaranteed after 3 months apprenticeship)

Full time intern: 50 hours / week, 1.8 million won / month

Part time Intern: 25 hours / week, 1 million won / month



Working place

Place1: 16, Techno saneop-ro 55beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea / 504

Place2: 114 50, UNIST-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea / 8F

How to apply

Documents to be submitted: Resume (required), cover letter, portfolio (free format)
Submissions and Inquiries: or website


Application process

Selection method: Document screening → Interview screening → Final selection